Do what you do everyday and get rewarded

Do what you do everyday and get rewarded.

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Here is how I would maximize my chances of winning great prizes with YOBSN

In-Game Physical Matching Prizes Are Here!

Prizes drive massive growth in mobile games…

Matching prizes drives massive viral growth in mobile games!

Version 1.3 of Bubble Champion was released in the Google Play store for Android mobile devices on the 1st of November and the upgrade is revolutionary!!!

It supercharges the YOBSN Mobile Games Free Player viral growth system through prizes and matching prizes, including Physical Matching Prizes, now available to be won directly through the game!

Any time that a player wins a prize, the person who referred them (with their email address) wins a matching prize. We are currently giving out 500 digital prizes and 500 matching digital prizes every week. We will also be giving out larger physical prizes, such as an iPad Air, and matching prizes each week from our weekly drawing.

How do players and members get entered into the drawings for these great prizes?


The YOBSN Social Network has always had a great prize module  where any YOBSN member can get free instant Social Points and be entered to win physical prizes just by clicking 3 times every day.

That amazing system has simply been extended into the YOBSN Mobile Games system with matching prizes as well!

This answers the question of, “How can I get even more entries to win these great prizes?”

Here are the “inside secrets”:

  • If you click on the prize entries in the YOBSN Social network every day, you can get 7 entries per week.
  • If you play version 1.3 of Bubble Champion and you accumulate 12 stars by working through you will get at least one entry for every 12 stars.
  • And as the difficulty levels of the islands increase you will find that you can get up to 4 entries for each 12 stars earned.

So if a Member or Player is just a beginner or even a non-gamer they still have every opportunity to be entered into the weekly drawings for physical prizes. However, the determined player can increase their chances of winning a prize by playing more often, getting more stars and playing the highest levels.

As great as all of this is, it is only the start.

Here is how I would maximize my chances of winning great prizes.

If I really want to increase my chances of winning a great prize, I will encourage as many other people to play the games as possible. Because the even if I don’t play the game, I win every time they win!

That means that if I invite 10 other people to play, I have increased my chances of winning by 10 times (all other variables being equal), and if I bring in a hundred players… Well, you get the idea. Remember, I am just inviting to them to a great game that is 100% free to download and play, nothing to sell at all. And they can win great prizes!
It is not very difficult to get large numbers of players working for YOU.
In fact, even if you don’t play the game, but you have others playing the game with your email connection, you should create massive numbers of entries.
The entries “flush” each week, so each week, there should be another rush to accumulate new stars and new entries and of course, new prizes and matching prizes.

We are the only company in the world that has everything
in one Revenue Sharing package!

This may be the largest single event in YOBSN Mobile Games history to date.


This will be the biggest player attractor ever created and it WILL create massive viral growth…

Here are some pictures of screens where I have won entries taken from my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 on Bubble Champion version 1.3. I am playing the all new Pirate Bay so I am getting 2 entries for every 12 stars.



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Meet the White Lions of Timbavati


Stepping on the sacred land of Timbavati, the ancestral land of White Lions, is an experience that cannot but leave a mark on you. These are not albino lions but a genetic rarity unique to this one region on earth,  In the middle of the South African wilderness you begin to take in nature in a different way. Led by its founder, Linda Tucker (the author of Mystery of the White Lions and Saving the White Lions), the Global White Lion Protection Trust extends over an area of 2,200 acres with programs for various groups of people who hear the call to meet these majestic animals.

Our first encounter was with Matsieng, which means the Great Star Hunter in an ancient local South African language. He walked past our open-topped vehicle, and gave us a look that hardly showed any interest at all. He was busy looking for his mate, Tswalu, the lioness that managed to open all our hearts.

Timbavati originally means “the place where star lions descended on the Earth.” The feelings of love and respect that are nearly tangible permeate every single cell of this place. It is impossible not to feel that energy even if you are not a highly sensitive being. People and nature living in harmony.

The Guardian of the White Lions.

“A representative of the lions is sitting here with us.” These were Linda’s first words introducing our circle that evening, and she pointed at one of the chairs in the circle, which was made exclusively for the lions. “We are equal, therefore it is only right that they speak for themselves,” she explained. It doesn’t happen every day that one feels so much respect that it can be felt in the air at a precise moment. The spirit of the lions was there in all its might. Linda is a charismatic woman radiating the energy of a lioness and a “Guardian of the White Lions,” who has the important role of bringing the white lions back to their free homeland.


Linda’s story is being considered for a Hollywood movie. She was pursuing a successful career in marketing and the fashion industry in London but one night when she was back home in her homeland of Timbavati she met her destiny. That night she was at a birthday party with friends when all of a sudden they heard a lioness roar in the wild. They knew a lioness was to give birth soon and it had also been predicted that the cub might be a white lion, therefore they climbed into an open-topped vehicle and headed for the wild all excited in that dark night. They did track down the roaring lioness. “We were reckless. We didn’t realize we were invading her space, showing no respect whatsoever. We managed to enrage all the lions, of course,” Linda continued. In the middle of the night, they found themselves at the mercy of their destiny, encircled by 24 lions. When they tried to retreat, the vehicle hit a tree trunk and the axle broke, and they couldn’t restart the car. Linda says it is hard to describe the fear you feel in such a moment. When they accepted the fact they were at the very end of their lives, a female figure with a baby in her arms and two youngsters following her appeared like shadows out of the bush. Together they just walked through the circle formed by the lions, which calmed down completely and even laid down upon their arrival. The woman climbed into their car without saying a word. Hand in hand with one of the youngsters, Linda’s friend walked through the lion circle to the first village, and came back in another car, which took them to safety. The woman disappeared again into the darkness.


Linda returned to London but couldn’t find peace after this experience. And indeed, a white cub was born that night. Three years later she returned to Timbavati to look for that mysterious woman, and she found her. In the nearby village she was known as the Lion Queen of Timbavati, a representative of the shamans who knew how to communicate with lions. Maria Khosa had already been expecting Linda. That’s how Linda’s training and path began – the path she is still walking today. The Global White Lion Protection Trust is her mission and her life. There are seven white lions (of ten lions altogether) roaring freely on their homeland now. The first white lion Linda rescued from captivity and reintroduced to its free homeland was Marah, a lioness (the name means “the mother of the Sun God”). “The birth of Marah had been predicted by prophecies of African shamans,” Linda kept adding pieces to the story. Marah, who was regarded by the African Elders as the most sacred animal on African continent was born on Christmas Day in the South African province of Bethlehem. Symbolic? Indeed. And so very real. Marah and her 3 cubs were successfully returned from captivity into free roaming nature by Linda Tucker and Jason Turner, Linda’s partner and a lion ecologist. Since, Marah’s lineage has been born free and wild in their natural endemic environment. At the same time, Linda and Jason are striving to protect all lions from the African industry of breeding lions in captivity to meet the demands of pleasure hunting, which is still legal in Africa and serves as entertainment for the rich, but, since it is a big money industry, it also provides a source of income for the locals.

Zihra_White-lion-DotOrgWhite Lions – Star Creatures.

Our opening circle made us realize that we had landed in a very special place. That immense vastness, those peculiar sounds, the fact that we were in the very centre of the animal kingdom right under the vault of the Milky Way, and so much more. “The white lions have a particular mystique about them,” says Linda. “Timbavati is their endemic and only homeland on Earth, and all the legends describe them as star creatures. The native ancestors were convinced that they are children of the Sun God, and legends say that they came down to Earth to help save humanity at a time of crisis.” There is no doubt that this time is right now. “Scientifically, the lions are at the tip of the tip of the ecosystem, at the top of the life pyramid of our planet,” explained Linda. The problem is that by eliminating the top of the pyramid, the entire ecosystem collapses. “If the white lions disappear, the Earth will lose its balance completely, and this is something that we, humans, cannot survive,” is her very straightforward message. “Our task is to help restore the natural balance, which also means to restore the natural balance within us, human beings, within ourselves,” continued Linda. And she said, “Let’s just take a look at the lion as a symbol. It represents power, dignity, leadership, courage, and heart. When we, people, are our best, we are exactly like that: lion-hearted.”

Love and Respect.

“There are really only two rules in nature, love and respect,” Linda taught us. “If you follow these two rules, nature will show you love and respect in return.” And nature showed us immediately how very true all this is. There is no time to be absent here. Nature teaches you to be wide awake. Meeting with the royal pride of white lions: the lion Mandla, the lioness Zihra, and their daughter Nebu, was a powerful experience. When you enter their space, you have to show respect. You have to know the boundaries. You have to be patient. You have to open your heart. And these are exactly the values lacking in day-to-day communication in our society. “Communicating with animals teaches us unconditional love,” says Wynter Worsthorne, a renowned animal communicator and one of Linda’s close colleagues at the WLT and in communicating with the lions. “There are no filters in this communication as it can only flow directly from heart to heart. If there is fear, insincerity, or a hidden purpose that differs from the one we try to express, the animals sense this immediately. Therefore, no one can hide here,” we learnt from Wynter during the drive. Nevertheless it was pretty clear that such communication first makes you face all your fears.


 Zihra and Nebu were lying in the bushes in the late afternoon. To have a better view of them, we moved a little closer. We may have got a little too close, which was soon confirmed by Nebu, who arose, came up to our vehicle, and marked her territory right in front of us. After that she walked in a circle around us, and her crystal blue eyes made us freeze on the spot. All of a sudden I felt a strange feeling down my spine, as if it had been brushed by a wave of light and straightened out. And suddenly the energy in the car rose. We sat there in silence, each of us on her own and … together with them, with the two white lionesses. Zihra joined Nebu when she was circling around us. After that, they both lay down behind our car. While feeling this particular energy I found myself in a peculiar, enraptured state that made me hear Nebu’s voice very clearly. It was her message to me. At first I thought I was just imagining it, of course, but the voice spoke again and the message was the same. I accepted the fact that one cannot question nature, and that the invisible is as much a part of nature as are the trees, the grass, or the stones. This new insight opened a new dimension in my perception of life. The feeling of connectedness with these beings is beyond description. It makes you feel at home, and there is no fear even though we had also experienced fear at a certain point while living this experience. There was just enormous respect and a fully open heart; the comprehension that we are brothers and sisters; that we are all created from the stars and the soil; that it is time to restore the missing connection to nature; the insight that the way we treat nature is actually the way we treat ourselves. Whatever we do to nature, we do to ourselves. Nature does not have to prove anything to us, as we are used to relating to ourselves and to others nowadays. Nature teaches us to listen to it because it gives us all the answers if we just show enough patience and respect. “In order to save humanity, we have to restore our connection to nature because nature is the source of life, together with its plants, water, soil, and animals. And we can achieve this by reawakening love and respect,” confirmed Linda, as well.

That evening we were greeted not only by Zihra and Nebu, but also by the king himself, by Mandla. And in the days that followed we met the rest of the lions as well. Every single experience was a special one, and as far as I am concerned there is no longer any doubt: white lions are special creatures. The mystery surrounding them is real. They are leaders, bright examples of brave-heartedness, which entails courage, heart-centeredness, ethics, spiritual maturity, harmony with nature, and balance, the harmony of coexistence on this planet where all things are connected and every single piece has a meaning and a purpose. They are the leaders of a new era, and the values they teach us can save our world.

The Message of the White Lions for Humanity


“The white lions, born in captivity all around the world, have the role of ambassadors since they, simply by their presence, expand our consciousness and call people to finally wake up and re-establish their contact with the nature,” explained Linda. “I believe that this is the turning point year, that humanity will start giving back to nature, and not only take from it.” When we manage to make this shift (and the shift always begins within ourselves), natural order can be restored again, and our lives will acquire a completely different quality. Each one of us can make a difference. “If you doubt that you can make a difference that is just not good enough. This means you are failing yourself and failing nature. This is ego,” said Linda, and I can only agree with her. “Let go of your doubts and look deep into your heart. You’ll realise you are here for a purpose, and that’s what the white lions are activating in all of us,” she added. “Just watch what’s going to happen when we start living our purpose.” The white lions are pure starlight, pure sunlight that activates courage to stand up and follow our heart. Linda says they are ready to give unconditionally in the belief that we will stand up and activate our purpose and live a meaningful life. I believe that we are on the right path and that we can do it.

Written by Andreja Cepuš  (All photos by

For more information, visit the Global White Lion Protection Trust at

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25 Percent Drop in Stroke Rate for Americans

Fewer Americans are having strokes and those who do have a lower risk of dying from them finds a new study led by researchers at Johns Hopkins.
The study found a 24 percent overall decline in first-time strokes in each of the last two decades, especially among people 65 and older. A dramatic 20 percent overall drop in deaths after stroke was recorded each decade, primarily among those younger than age 65. Mortality rates held firm in older people.
The results were similar across race and gender, a finding that researchers were heartened to discover since a previous study suggested African-American stroke rates were not improving.
“We can congratulate ourselves that we are doing well, but stroke is still the No. 4 cause of death in the United States,” says study co-author Josef Coresh, MD, PhD, a professor of epidemiology at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.
Coresh worries the obesity epidemic, which began in the 90s, will push rates back up.
The decrease in stroke incidence and mortality is partly due to more successful control of risk factors such as blood pressure, smoking cessation and the wide use of statin medications for controlling cholesterol, according to the researchers. However, an increase in diabetes likely acted in the opposite direction, pushing up stroke rates, though to a lesser extent.
For their analysis, researchers used results from the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities study, which used 15,792 residents of four U.S. communities who were between the ages of 45 and 64 when the study began in the late 1980s.
Nearly 800,000 Americans suffer strokes each year; of those, about 600,000 are first-time strokes. “Stroke is not only one of the main causes of death, but a leading cause of long-term disability in adults. Therefore, prevention is the best strategy,” says study leader Silvia Koton, PhD, MOccH, a visiting faculty member at the Bloomberg School and incoming nursing department chair at Tel Aviv University.
A report on the results is published in the July 16 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).
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Strangers Volunteer to Retouch Infant’s Photo to Ease Dad’s Heartbreak

A man requested help via strangers on social media for someone to Photoshop his daughter’s photo after she passed away. The infant had never left the hospital and always had tubes going into her body and medical devices nearby.
Nathen Steffel posted the above photo of his daughter Sophia. The image below was just one of the photoshopped pictures given to him with condolences.
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Doctor Delivers Babies With Special Tradition For Each ‘Future Important Person’ (WATCH!)

Doctor Delivers Babies With Special Tradition For Each ‘Future Important Person’ (WATCH!)

by Good News Network – July 16, 2014





Dr. Carey Andrew-Jaja, an obstetrician at Magee Womens Hospital in Pittsburgh, has delivered many thousands of babies, but to him each one is special. He welcomes each of them into the world by singing a hearty song in their honor. “Happy Birthday,” is one of his favorites.

Another favorite is, “It’s a Wonderful World.” Whatever the song, Andrew-Jaja delights in the tradition he inherited from his now-retired mentor, who used to sing to every newborn.

He spends the extra time and energy because he believes each one is “a future important person,” and needs to be treated as such.

WATCH the video from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center – Story tip from Kate Q. Sibole


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