YOBSN Social Points Digital Rewards Store Opens Its Doors

Social Points Digital Rewards Store Opens Its Doors

The Social Points Digital Rewards Store is now open for business!

You can get access to the new Digital Rewards by selecting the rewards store icon at the top or bottom YOBSN Menus. (as shown in the images below)


Inside you will find an attractive catalog of valuable digital product. These are products that are designed to enhance your business, business skills or the quality of your life.



The store also allows you to view the catalog in a list view with a summary description.





When you click on any item you are taken to a detailed description of the item and you can purchase the product here.




The great thing is that if you should lose your digital product somehow, you can always go back to your Purchase history and download another copy (up to 3 total downloads)






The Social Point Digital Rewards Store is just one more way that we are making YOBSN more valuable for everyone. Having inexpensive items to spend their Social Points on encourages all members to participate, invite friends and come back often. We have opened the store with about 25 items, but we will add many more in time! We are constantly combing the Internet for new products that we can add to the catalog. We anticipate having hundreds of items before too long.


By the way, this is 100% YOBSN technology as always. There are other e-commerce and digital product delivery systems in the world but all of them request payment information and none of them work on Social Points, so we had to create our own and it works brilliantly. It is the fastest, easiest product buying and delivery system currently in the world.


This is only the first of two Social Points Rewards Stores. This first is the Digital store where members can spend their Social Points on valuable, but inexpensive digital products that are designed to improve their business and their lives. The next is a Physical Rewards store where members will be able to redeem their Social Points for physical products. (We’ll be using Gift Vouchers from local stores in each region for this!)


YOBSN Owners will not receive revenue from Social Points spent in the Rewards Stores as this is economically unfeasible but they will receive revenue when Social Points are spent in in-game or in app purchases and other exciting programs that have not even been announced yet.


This is just one more feature in a long line of features designed to help the
YOBSN Owner succeed in their business.


How are You as the YOBSN Owner moving forward and
changing your Lifestyle today?

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You can win prizes!







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How do companies like Facebook, Google and LinkedIn make money from their FREE social networks? What is their secret?

How do they do it?

How do companies like Facebook, Google and LinkedIn make money from their FREE social networks? What is their secret? Would you like to make money the same way that these companies do? YOU can do exactly that today, with your own social network. Get Your Free YOBSN Here 

YOBSN – Your Own Branded Social Network!

YOBSN is designed to share multiple income streams from your free visitors and achieve the lifestyle that you have always dreamed of.
YOBSN automatically connects you to the biggest trend on the Internet, Social Networking. Your personal social network automatically includes the benefits of social networks like Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
YOBSN is perfect for anyone who would like to change their lives from the comfort of their home and their home computer. 


You don’t need to know anything about Social Networks to be successful with YOBSN. YOBSN is “Plug and Play” ready for your visitors today. Experts have proven that the largest trend on the Internet today is Social Networking, but only YOBSN levels the playing field and allows you to cash in on all of the revenues from this massive trend that you have previously missed.



Earn $100 or more an hourworking part time
Sounds too good to be true?
Watch this video to find out how!



YOBSN Owners have the flexibility to choose from multiple designs! .

100% Ready for Visitors Today

There are promises of technologies that bring all of these benefits and let you share in the revenue, but no one has been able to deliver the real thing until now.

Enjoy the multiple ways that YOBSN will allow you to take control of your life and get the lifestyle that you deserve. Be part of the growing community of YOBSN owners who have decided to level the playing field and break free of their chains right now!


Whether you want your own YOBSN to supercharge an existing business or you would rather help others to find their path to freedom, this is your chance to be a part of the biggest trend on the internet.

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Tell everyone you know about YOBSN now.

Get Your YOBSN Here!

YOBSN Owners have been given a number of exciting updates on Mobile releases lately, but we are also constantly improving the Web version of YOBSN as well.

Even when we don’t promise that a great new feature is coming, we deliver and here is an example: A Gorgeous new YOBSN template that gives Your Own Branded Social Network a stylish new makeover!!

This is now the new default template for all new YOBSN Owners as well. (Yes, all of the other excellent templates will continue to be available!)

YOBSN Owners have praised the new recently released streamlined registration system for getting Free Members signed up and participating in their YOBSN in the shortest time. YOBSN Owners attract these members with promises of great games and free prizes. Now we are enhancing that initial Free Member first look with a new YOBSN Web Template. This template leads with YOBSN Games, Smart Chirp and Free Prizes, exactly what the free member was looking for.


We have also created a new cleaner look and brighter feel. This template will be an instant hit for many YOBSN Owners. It will soon be the default template for new YOBSN Owners.


Take a look at the layout and you will immediately see how this will create a great experience for the type of Free Member that I am describing.


Here is a full view of the new template:




Here is a closer view of the left column with an obvious emphsis on YOBSN Games




And the new look surrounding Smart Chirp…




The right column has a brand new looks that really expresses the prizes and invites clicking on them…



This should make inviting Free Members better than ever with a great first impression.

More News: There will be another template available to select from shortly!
This gives us 12 Templates to select from to create exactly the YOBSN we think will suit our audience.

Tell everyone you know about YOBSN now.

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YOBSN Delivers Awesome Exclusive Mobile Gaming for the Masses

YOBSN Delivers
Awesome Exclusive Mobile Gaming for the Masses
Do you know anyone who has children? Imagine if YOUR personalised Social Network automatically offered them an awesome educational suite of tools for their children for just $10 a month? Their Children can use them through any Apple or Android based Smart Phone or Tablet. It’s part of what all Pro Plus package members will be able to offer their free members.

50% is paid out through a simple two level affiliate program so that the YOBSN Owner makes 40% and their sponsor also makes 10% per month. If a Pro Plus package YOBSN Owner has 10,000 free members and 10% of them buy this subscription package at $10 per month then that’s $4,000 per month additional revenue and $1,000 per month for the sponsor of the YOBSN Owner. If it’s just 10% of that (1,000 free members with 10% of them making a purchase) then it’s still an extra $400 per month and $100 extra per month for the sponsor!

Also imagine if you are a sponsor who has referred a number of YOBSN Owners who do this? Then you are making money every month on the free members of all of the Pro Plus level YOBSN Owners that you have referred.
The important thing to remember here is that, before the moment that this was announced, no member knew that this was even apossible revenue stream! This is over and above everything else that you were anticipating.
Note that we don’t make income claims and each YOBSN Owner’s results will of course be different. See “Income Claims” on our website, all standard disclaimers apply. Do the multiplication above and see what makes sense to you.
Here are two screen shots from one of the first Educational Games that will be part of the bundle
YOBSN Mobile Game Screen Shot 2
YOBSN Mobile Game Screen Shot 1
In other great news…
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Take a look at these recent photographs of our soon to be released Mobile Game Bubble Champion. The first version of Bubble Champion will be delivered on Apple iPods, Apple iPhones and the Apple iPod Touchand versions for all Android devices.
The action is fun and smooth at 60 Frames Per Second on all devices.
YOBSN Mobile Game Photo 1
YOBSN Mobile Game Photo 2
A small team of some of the world’s best professional animators were hired to design and create the world class, HD characters for this game. All of the characters are animated extremely well and react to how the player is doing in the game.
The built in Social Points Store (activated when the player clicks on a beautiful large yellow bird that flies on the screen) allows players to make in-game purchases with their Social Points. Of course in-game purchases with real money will soon be added to all of these exclusive mobile games making each of them another awesome free member revenue stream for YOBSN Owners.
Take a look at this new Character Selection Screen!
YOBSN Mobile Game Screen Shot 4
We’ve also been doing a lot of Mobile testing on a game that allows Matching Prizes.
Many more announcements soon but time is running out on our special Pro Package 
Take a look at our limited time offers mentioned in our other announcements as well.
Although we are giving away a number of iPad Air prizes (see previous announcements) all YOBSN Mobile Software including the YOBSN Mobile App and Games will be available on both Apple and Android Smart Phones and Tablets! Many have responding to the call to get your prospects into the YOBSN Professional Package now and saving them $200 today while giving them a market and product that is far superior. At the same time congratulations are in order for all of you who are encouraging your members with Basic and Basic Plus packages to upgrade to the Professional package now. These members who are upgrading will thank you for reaching out to them.

The YOBSN Mobile App is coming along wonderfully. There isn’t much time left and this mobile release is going to create a lot of activity and those members who are prepared will have an opportunity to make a lot of money.

This is Your Life. Your Success. Your Choice. A Social Network that is personalised to YOU!
YOUR Awesome Mobile Games.
Take control of Your Life and Take Positive Action Now before time runs out.
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Why should every YOBSN Owner love Social Integration

Why I Love Social Integration (and Why You Should Too)

There are three types of active YOBSN Owners:

  • The first owner just wants to sell more YOBSNs.
  • The second owner wants more revenue streams from their free members.
  • The third owner wants both. They want to sell more YOBSNs and have multiple revenue streams from every free member purchase in all of those YOBSNs.

The good news is that Social Integration achieves all of these goals and much more! Social Integration is so powerful that it can even help create revenue from non-members!

Why should every YOBSN Owner love Social Integration? Because it is designed to make them more successful regardless of their goals. Every app user communicates with other users and potential users and the total number of users grows like crazy.



Social integration is using a common currency between apps. That common currency is the Social Point. The Free Member buys or wins Social Points and when they spend those points, in any of the apps, the YOBSN Owner makes money.


Don’t like games? Not important! The question is whether you want to make money. People play games, in massive numbers. People buy power-ups and advantages, on the Internet producing millions of dollars every day from games. (Some games are making about USD $2.5 MILLION Dollars PER DAY!) The more people who play YOBSN games and the more often they play YOBSN games, the more likely the YOBSN Owner is to make money.


Simple – Powerful!


No matter where they go… there you are!




By now you can easily see how Free Members using integrated apps can make YOBSN Owners money!

But how can a non-member make YOBSN Owners money?


When a non-member downloads a game, like Bubble Champion, from the Apple Store or from Google Play they can immediately play the game. After loading the game, they will be immediately prompted to enter a special Bonus Code. Doing so instantly links that player to a YOBSN Owner. The system is designed so that when player spends money to buy items in the game and the YOBSN Owner makes money, even if they are not yet a YOBSN Member!

So when you tell people about Bubble Champion or any of the YOBSN Social Mobile Games or Apps, be sure to give members your Bonus Code! (Hint: Your “Bonus Code” is your YOBSN username or the primary email address listed on your YOBSN account!)

Players are also given the ability to become YOBSN Owners through all YOBSN Social Mobile Games as well!




Ah, the Genius of YOBSN.

Social Integration helps sell YOBSNs

YOBSN Games help sell YOBSNs.

Other exclusive YOBSN Products (like Trick Photography Hero) helps to sell YOBSNs.


Having the YOBSN Owner’s brand (and Avatar) flashed throughout all of these apps strengthens the YOBSN Owner’s relationship with Free Members and increases the revenue opportunities.


Here is the “gotcha”. Those members who have a higher YOBSN Trusted Owner rating will be the Owners who are paid first and fastest. They will be the Owners who put the most in and will get the most out… in the shortest possible time.


So should YOU love Social Integration?Only, if you don’t want to throw away any potentially massive revenue streams.


More sales? More revenue per sale? Residual income? Massive potential? What’s not to love?


We are closing on the final few inches of completing and delivering the first Socially Integrated applications. Are you ready to receive them? Have you prepared all of your member free or paid to support in an insanely great way? This is how you will kick success to the next level.

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YOBSN Contests!

Prize Winners List through the 1st of June
More than USD $60,000+ given away by YOBSN in Prizes
including this and other YOBSN Contests!
The recent prize winners list has been updated.
There are so many awesome winners from all over the world!
Check it out to see if you know any of the winners and congratulate them!
Prize Winners through 1st of June
Congratulations on your prizes!
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