Here is how I would maximize my chances of winning great prizes with YOBSN

In-Game Physical Matching Prizes Are Here!

Prizes drive massive growth in mobile games…

Matching prizes drives massive viral growth in mobile games!

Version 1.3 of Bubble Champion was released in the Google Play store for Android mobile devices on the 1st of November and the upgrade is revolutionary!!!

It supercharges the YOBSN Mobile Games Free Player viral growth system through prizes and matching prizes, including Physical Matching Prizes, now available to be won directly through the game!

Any time that a player wins a prize, the person who referred them (with their email address) wins a matching prize. We are currently giving out 500 digital prizes and 500 matching digital prizes every week. We will also be giving out larger physical prizes, such as an iPad Air, and matching prizes each week from our weekly drawing.

How do players and members get entered into the drawings for these great prizes?


The YOBSN Social Network has always had a great prize module  where any YOBSN member can get free instant Social Points and be entered to win physical prizes just by clicking 3 times every day.

That amazing system has simply been extended into the YOBSN Mobile Games system with matching prizes as well!

This answers the question of, “How can I get even more entries to win these great prizes?”

Here are the “inside secrets”:

  • If you click on the prize entries in the YOBSN Social network every day, you can get 7 entries per week.
  • If you play version 1.3 of Bubble Champion and you accumulate 12 stars by working through you will get at least one entry for every 12 stars.
  • And as the difficulty levels of the islands increase you will find that you can get up to 4 entries for each 12 stars earned.

So if a Member or Player is just a beginner or even a non-gamer they still have every opportunity to be entered into the weekly drawings for physical prizes. However, the determined player can increase their chances of winning a prize by playing more often, getting more stars and playing the highest levels.

As great as all of this is, it is only the start.

Here is how I would maximize my chances of winning great prizes.

If I really want to increase my chances of winning a great prize, I will encourage as many other people to play the games as possible. Because the even if I don’t play the game, I win every time they win!

That means that if I invite 10 other people to play, I have increased my chances of winning by 10 times (all other variables being equal), and if I bring in a hundred players… Well, you get the idea. Remember, I am just inviting to them to a great game that is 100% free to download and play, nothing to sell at all. And they can win great prizes!
It is not very difficult to get large numbers of players working for YOU.
In fact, even if you don’t play the game, but you have others playing the game with your email connection, you should create massive numbers of entries.
The entries “flush” each week, so each week, there should be another rush to accumulate new stars and new entries and of course, new prizes and matching prizes.

We are the only company in the world that has everything
in one Revenue Sharing package!

This may be the largest single event in YOBSN Mobile Games history to date.


This will be the biggest player attractor ever created and it WILL create massive viral growth…

Here are some pictures of screens where I have won entries taken from my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 on Bubble Champion version 1.3. I am playing the all new Pirate Bay so I am getting 2 entries for every 12 stars.



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