YOBSN Social Points Digital Rewards Store Opens Its Doors

Social Points Digital Rewards Store Opens Its Doors

The Social Points Digital Rewards Store is now open for business!

You can get access to the new Digital Rewards by selecting the rewards store icon at the top or bottom YOBSN Menus. (as shown in the images below)


Inside you will find an attractive catalog of valuable digital product. These are products that are designed to enhance your business, business skills or the quality of your life.



The store also allows you to view the catalog in a list view with a summary description.





When you click on any item you are taken to a detailed description of the item and you can purchase the product here.




The great thing is that if you should lose your digital product somehow, you can always go back to your Purchase history and download another copy (up to 3 total downloads)






The Social Point Digital Rewards Store is just one more way that we are making YOBSN more valuable for everyone. Having inexpensive items to spend their Social Points on encourages all members to participate, invite friends and come back often. We have opened the store with about 25 items, but we will add many more in time! We are constantly combing the Internet for new products that we can add to the catalog. We anticipate having hundreds of items before too long.


By the way, this is 100% YOBSN technology as always. There are other e-commerce and digital product delivery systems in the world but all of them request payment information and none of them work on Social Points, so we had to create our own and it works brilliantly. It is the fastest, easiest product buying and delivery system currently in the world.


This is only the first of two Social Points Rewards Stores. This first is the Digital store where members can spend their Social Points on valuable, but inexpensive digital products that are designed to improve their business and their lives. The next is a Physical Rewards store where members will be able to redeem their Social Points for physical products. (We’ll be using Gift Vouchers from local stores in each region for this!)


YOBSN Owners will not receive revenue from Social Points spent in the Rewards Stores as this is economically unfeasible but they will receive revenue when Social Points are spent in in-game or in app purchases and other exciting programs that have not even been announced yet.


This is just one more feature in a long line of features designed to help the
YOBSN Owner succeed in their business.


How are You as the YOBSN Owner moving forward and
changing your Lifestyle today?

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