Tell everyone you know about YOBSN now.

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YOBSN Owners have been given a number of exciting updates on Mobile releases lately, but we are also constantly improving the Web version of YOBSN as well.

Even when we don’t promise that a great new feature is coming, we deliver and here is an example: A Gorgeous new YOBSN template that gives Your Own Branded Social Network a stylish new makeover!!

This is now the new default template for all new YOBSN Owners as well. (Yes, all of the other excellent templates will continue to be available!)

YOBSN Owners have praised the new recently released streamlined registration system for getting Free Members signed up and participating in their YOBSN in the shortest time. YOBSN Owners attract these members with promises of great games and free prizes. Now we are enhancing that initial Free Member first look with a new YOBSN Web Template. This template leads with YOBSN Games, Smart Chirp and Free Prizes, exactly what the free member was looking for.


We have also created a new cleaner look and brighter feel. This template will be an instant hit for many YOBSN Owners. It will soon be the default template for new YOBSN Owners.


Take a look at the layout and you will immediately see how this will create a great experience for the type of Free Member that I am describing.


Here is a full view of the new template:




Here is a closer view of the left column with an obvious emphsis on YOBSN Games




And the new look surrounding Smart Chirp…




The right column has a brand new looks that really expresses the prizes and invites clicking on them…



This should make inviting Free Members better than ever with a great first impression.

More News: There will be another template available to select from shortly!
This gives us 12 Templates to select from to create exactly the YOBSN we think will suit our audience.

Tell everyone you know about YOBSN now.

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