Why should every YOBSN Owner love Social Integration

Why I Love Social Integration (and Why You Should Too)

There are three types of active YOBSN Owners:

  • The first owner just wants to sell more YOBSNs.
  • The second owner wants more revenue streams from their free members.
  • The third owner wants both. They want to sell more YOBSNs and have multiple revenue streams from every free member purchase in all of those YOBSNs.

The good news is that Social Integration achieves all of these goals and much more! Social Integration is so powerful that it can even help create revenue from non-members!

Why should every YOBSN Owner love Social Integration? Because it is designed to make them more successful regardless of their goals. Every app user communicates with other users and potential users and the total number of users grows like crazy.



Social integration is using a common currency between apps. That common currency is the Social Point. The Free Member buys or wins Social Points and when they spend those points, in any of the apps, the YOBSN Owner makes money.


Don’t like games? Not important! The question is whether you want to make money. People play games, in massive numbers. People buy power-ups and advantages, on the Internet producing millions of dollars every day from games. (Some games are making about USD $2.5 MILLION Dollars PER DAY!) The more people who play YOBSN games and the more often they play YOBSN games, the more likely the YOBSN Owner is to make money.


Simple – Powerful!


No matter where they go… there you are!




By now you can easily see how Free Members using integrated apps can make YOBSN Owners money!

But how can a non-member make YOBSN Owners money?


When a non-member downloads a game, like Bubble Champion, from the Apple Store or from Google Play they can immediately play the game. After loading the game, they will be immediately prompted to enter a special Bonus Code. Doing so instantly links that player to a YOBSN Owner. The system is designed so that when player spends money to buy items in the game and the YOBSN Owner makes money, even if they are not yet a YOBSN Member!

So when you tell people about Bubble Champion or any of the YOBSN Social Mobile Games or Apps, be sure to give members your Bonus Code! (Hint: Your “Bonus Code” is your YOBSN username or the primary email address listed on your YOBSN account!)

Players are also given the ability to become YOBSN Owners through all YOBSN Social Mobile Games as well!




Ah, the Genius of YOBSN.

Social Integration helps sell YOBSNs

YOBSN Games help sell YOBSNs.

Other exclusive YOBSN Products (like Trick Photography Hero) helps to sell YOBSNs.


Having the YOBSN Owner’s brand (and Avatar) flashed throughout all of these apps strengthens the YOBSN Owner’s relationship with Free Members and increases the revenue opportunities.


Here is the “gotcha”. Those members who have a higher YOBSN Trusted Owner rating will be the Owners who are paid first and fastest. They will be the Owners who put the most in and will get the most out… in the shortest possible time.


So should YOU love Social Integration?Only, if you don’t want to throw away any potentially massive revenue streams.


More sales? More revenue per sale? Residual income? Massive potential? What’s not to love?


We are closing on the final few inches of completing and delivering the first Socially Integrated applications. Are you ready to receive them? Have you prepared all of your member free or paid to support in an insanely great way? This is how you will kick success to the next level.

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