YOBSN Advertising Bonus

Companies from around the world pay to advertise on the YOBSN system and our company, Smart Media, shares the advertising revenue.

Advertisements go out to our global list of potential customers.

We offer the best rates in the Pay Per Click industry along with numerous other benefits.

Google became a multi-billion dollar company selling Pay Per Click advertising.

The YOBSN System is the ultimate advertising medium.

Direct Sales

Network Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, Internet Marketers

Small Business

Restaurants, Real Estate Agencies, Retailers, Professionals and in fact, any business


Charities, Religious Organisations, Schools, Sporting Clubs, Non-profit (Health and other organisations)

They purchase one of our Your Own Branded Social Network Branding packages and then purchase one of our advertising packages.

Advertising Commissions

You can generate a passive cashflow by offering these advertising packages to any company wanting to advertise. This offers our Ultimate Members a huge marketplace where they can offer anyone in business a better way to advertise.

They can be an online or offline business, a traditional business, Internet, Affiliate or Network marketers.

Our Ultimate Members receive:

  • 25% bonus on the initial advertising package purchase
  • 25% trailer fee on all subsequent packages purchased

Do the work once and get paid ongoing!

Our Advertising Packages provide a powerful passive residual income source.

Please Note: All dollar amounts are in US Dollars

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