Smart Media Product Descriptions – Free YOBSN

When a Free Member sets up a free account, they will receive access to our current YOBSN v1, which will be upgraded with all the brilliant new features of YOBSN upon its release to Free Members. (All active Ultimate Members already have access to YOBSN).

Your Own Branded Social Network Free Account – YOBSN v1

  • Chances to Win Prizes in our Weekly & Monthly Prize contests
    • Click on the Weekly and Monthly prize boxes daily to instantly win entries into the Weekly and Monthly Draw
    • Prizes include but not limited to:
      • Laptop Computers
      • Netbooks
      • Nintendo Wiis
      • iPods
      • Cash prizes
    • See Prize Winners’ list of our global prize winners
      • So simple anyone can win: just register as a member, enter the draws each day and you could be on the winner’s list too!
  • Online Educational Video Libraries – 2 of the finest in the world:
    • Smart Library
      • Hundreds of educational videos on a broad range of subjects, including but not limited to:
        • Computers
        • Computer Software
        • Computer Operating Systems
        • The Internet
        • Internet Marketing
        • Social Networks
        • Digital Devices
    • My University Library
      • Thousands of educational videos on a broad range of subjects, including but not limited to:
        • Algebra
        • Arithmetic/Geometry
        • History
        • Chemistry
        • Organic Chemistry
        • Biology
        • Economics
        • Banking and Money
        • Yale and Stanford University Series
    • Best Free Computer Software
      • Hundreds of pieces of safe software for PCs and Macs
      • All in one convenient place on the Internet
      • Find great software you didn’t know existed!
    • Top Sites
      • Instant access to the very best websites on the Internet, all conveniently in one place, including:
        • Top Sites
        • News/Media
        • Business & Marketing
        • Shopping
        • Travel
        • Biology
        • Entertainment
        • Web Hosting
  • Multiple Search Engines – all conveniently in one place
  • Top News Stories
  • Latest Sports News
  • Yummy Recipes
  • Smart Points Rewards Program
    • The only social media in the world that gives its free members a constant stream of reward points (Smart Points) for FREE!
    • There are many ways to earn Smart Points including, but not limited to:
      • The Daily Prize Draw – you click the Daily Prize Box once daily to win Smart Points. It is completely random – you could win 1, 100, 1,000 or even 10,000 Smart Points
      • Free Members receive 25 Smart Points for each Free member they refer
      • A variety of promotions and competitions
      • Many more ways to earn Smart Points when we release YOBSN

Your Own Branded Social Network Free Account – YOBSN

  • Everything in HPPv1 PLUS
  • Smart Media Games – exclusive to Smart Media
    • Entertainment that brings families together
    • Educational games
    • Prizes
    • Smart Media offers online social games just like Facebook and other BIG Internet games companies – the difference being we offer proprietary, top-quality, family-friendly entertainment and educational games, whereby the players can win prizes, such as Laptop computers, Nintendo’s and even Cash. We even give away matching prizes so YOU can win great prizes, even if you do not play games, just by being the referrer of the winner! More people go online to play social games than use social networks. It is the fastest growing trend on the Internet. No other games company is giving away such great prizes and Smart Media’s “matching prizes” is a world’s first. All online gamers will want to be playing Smart Media Games
  • Social Community Centre
    • The ability to add friends all around the world, just like other social networks
    • Advanced global Friends’ Finder search function
    • Smart Chirp – like the latest social networking communication features
    • Smart Chat – permission-based instant message service
    • Smart Mail – like email without all the problems
    • Smart Discussion – Discussion groups on a broad range of topics
    • Avatar Creator System
  • Fantastic Video section
    • Community sharing of some of the very best videos on the Internet
  • Smart Points Rewards Store – where members spend their Smart Points
    • The world’s first and only online rewards store where everything is FREE!
    • Earn reward points on your Internet activity from the PPC advertising revenue



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