Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have your very own social network. I imagine it would work something like this………..

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have your very own social network? We could do something like this………..

The first thing we would do is to establish a niche, we must give a product away that everybody would need and it has to be free.

Many of us has the mindset that nothing in life is for free but that is not true. Think about the internet, it is free. Sure, we pay for our internet enabled hardware, we then choose our service provider and connect to the internet for a small monthly fee. Once one is on the internet you are free to create a profile for yourself, you get  a free email address and you get a free Google+ account. Then you and another one billion people join Facebook for free. Some use Twitter and others use LinkedIn while many of us watch movies on YouTube. The new kid on the blog YOBSN is fast becoming the latest internet must have. All these wonderful technology companies give their services away for free and yet they generate their owners billions of dollars. Social media advertising is generating huge amounts of money, ask the owner of Facebook how 9 billion US dollars suits him.

Most of the money generated by Social Media Networks is derived from selling advertising space. The money is in the list, just ask the declining print and news agencies who for years made enormous amounts of money by selling advertising packages to their readers. We all were glued to our TV sets for the past 4 decades because that was the only way to see the world from the comfort of your home. Only ten years ago the internet became a reality for every person in the world. With the current smartphone technology it is predicted that more than 2 billion new people will have access to the internet. That means that social media will become more popular and the revenue generated from advertising be in the trillions of dollars.

Does that then once again only give only a select few the opportunity to generate massive wealth from internet advertising?

The average person does not have the skill or technical know-how to set up their own social network. Let us assume that one could build a social media platform. Would it not be wonderful to create a social community where privacy is most valued and no spam would be tolerated. I would offer my members quality free education like these…………………..

Algebra Algebra I Worked Examples  Arithmetic  Banking and Money  Biology  Brain Teasers  Calculus  California Standards Test/ Algebra I  California Standards Test/ Algebra II  California Standards Test/ Geometry  Chemistry  Credit Crisis  Current Economics  Developmental Math Differential Equations  Finance  Geithner Plan  Geometry  History  Linear Algebra MA Tests for Education Licensure (MTEL) -Pre-Alg   Organic Chemistry  Paulson Bailout Physics  Precalculus  Probability  Statistics  Trigonometry  Valuation and Investing  Venture Capital and Capital Markets  GMAT: Problem Solving  GMAT Data Sufficiency  SAT Preparation  Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering  Stanford University – Modern Physics  Mechanical – Advanced Finite Elements Analysis  Stanford University – Human Behavioral Biology  Yale University – Fundamentals of Physics II  Stanford University – Human-computer interactions  Stanford University – Human-Computer Interaction Seminar (2006-2007)  Stanford University – String Theory and M-Theory  Yale University – Financial Theory  Yale University – Physics  Yale University – Financial Markets  Yale University – Psychology  Yale University – Ancient Greek History  Geography  English Lessons  Photoshop Lessons  Drawing Lessons  German Lessons

All your search engines, best internet sites, fun rewards and games are a mouse click away.


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10 Responses to Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to have your very own social network. I imagine it would work something like this………..

  1. Yes it would be nice to have your won social network, but I don’t believe the average person doesn’t have the skill. Perhaps rather they don’t have the nerve or the will.

    • youryobsn says:

      Aah, but that is the beauty of YOBSN, no skill, will or nerve needed, just need a little curiosity. I show all my favourite blogs to my members, I give them free education, games and much much more. YOBSN is going to have the biggest affiliate shop in the world with over 800 million products and they have contracts in place with an international courier company, they will deliver to your door no matter where you are in the world.

      • I totally missed that the post was a veiled advert. I thought it was overly informative about all the categories but totally missed that!
        So I’ll put on a business head. The fact that I missed that is either down to you or me.

      • Oops my bad, I feel a bit spammy now. Please disregard my comment.

      • No, it was not an accusation, more an observation. I don’t mind that it was an advert or that you are selling something you are excited about.
        My point is that having read your post I missed the fact that you are trying to introduce your new concept to the world. I thought it was a general post asking generally about social networks. Therefore, business person to business person I’m saying next time maybe you might be clearer about this wonderful new concept and how you would like your audience to respond to your words.

  2. …which is why I said either it is my fault as your audience for not reading it slowly enough or it is down to you and how you presented the information. It is up to you to decide.

  3. Don’t think so – erase if you wish. 🙂

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