Multiple Key Announcements for YOBSN, New Social media giant, sharing profits

Multiple Key Announcements for YOBSN!!



1) YOBSN closed 2013 with a bang, enjoying record sales for the month of December which capped the record sales year of 2013!




2) We have a game in Bubble Champion that will be the undisputed best-of-class for its genre. Keep in mind that2popular mobile games such as Candy Crush generate over a million dollars a day… each. Leaders all over the world over are raving about Bubble Champion as the next “King” of the mobile game market!




3) As you have already been informed, our key mission critical initiatives are moving forward non-stop and are on target for early delivery.




Now we are ready to set the date on one of those initiatives. The new YOBSN Professional Plus $600 Package will be released on February 21st, 2014. Obviously, this coincides with the rapid progress on YOBSN Mobile. You will begin seeing more live demos of YOBSN Mobile throughout the period leading up to February 21st.



4) The Apple iPad Air Contest…




There were well deserved winners selected in our Apple iPad Air contest that finished at the end of December. We have even more good news about this contest! Because we are moving forward so successfully on our Mobile initiative we have decided to give out 7 more iPad Airs for the best performers between the 1st of January and the 21st of February!




You can see that there is going to be one massive celebration on the 21st of February. We will announce all 21 winners of the iPad Air Tablets at the same time on the 21st of Febrary as we open the new high end YOBSN Professional Plus Package, which is the highest revenue development package5 ever.





5) The winners will be jumping for joy! I am not just talking about the Apple Tablet winners. I am talking about everyone who has been steadily building their base during this time. Every YOBSN Owner that you sold a $400 Professional package to will be thanking you. They will have already started building the next levels of income for you.




The losers will be anyone who is still waiting around when the 21st of February arrives and has not taken advantage of this unique time in our history. The 21st of February will arrive and pass much faster than people think! Those who procrastinate will be those who receive the least success!



There is very little time left
 and it will fly by leaving you in the dust if you let it! Get those sales right now, every day. Are you serious about changing your life? Are you serious about changing your world? Then there has never been, and may well never be, a better time to build your business than today! Do not stop, do not hesitate, do not even take a deep breath until you have done everything that you can do to create your future between now and February 21st.




You have less than two months to capitalize on getting these sales in place at this price! Just drive forward and keep the sales going every daythrough the 21st of February. You can do anything as long as you know how long you have to do it in. Do not let anything stand in your way. This is it, my friends, there will never be a time quite like this ever again with this type of opportunity.



Who will be the real winners and who will be the losers? That, my friends, is up to you.


What will you do with your time today?

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